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7 Ways to Help Organise Your Garage

It’s just too easy for your garage to become a disorganised out-of-hand mess. Being outside of the house, it can seem like a great place to throw anything that just doesn’t fit inside of it. Try the following tips to destress this space and get more room to store you belongings.

1: Think Vertically

Garages fortunately have high ceilings, so you can make the most of that vertical space by placing items along the wall. You can install shelving on them or hang buckets on the walls where you can place numerous smaller things, like gardening tools. Long objects, like brooms, should be fastened to the wall with hooks so they don’t take up floor space and don’t topple over. Try adding labels on your storage buckets, so you don’t have to rummage though when you need to find something and organise them into categories. This tip will really make life easy when you need to quickly grab something.

2: Use the Ceiling

Again, an often unused and overlooked place, the ceiling can be quite a pragmatic solution to storing especially those larger items, like kayaks, for example. Bicycles can be hung from the ceiling, as well, or from hooks placed on poles. Just make sure that your ceiling can handle the weight.

3: Group and Label

As mentioned earlier group items by category so when you are looking for them you can easily find them. Organiser bins will keep things looking neat and tidy. Further, labelling these with their categorical group will allow you to quickly spot the right bin.

4: Organise by Accessibility

Think strategically about how often you use things. Consider which should be placed in a more convenient positioning and those which can be packed in the hard-to-reach places. For example, you can install hooks on the walls and put coats hats, dog leashes, etc. etc., as these are easy-access items. For other items such as seasonal clothing, you can store theses in vacuum bags and place them in buckets and hide them away at the back on shelves until you need to use them next season.

5: Consider Functionality

Think about what activities you do in the garage, aside from retrieving items and then returning them for safe-keeping. Do you tend to pre-gardening activities there usually? Consider making a garden work-bench! Do you park your car inside of it? Make sure things are kept out of the way of where your car comes in and out of. This concept should be applied to all of the ways you intend to use the garage.

6: Make it Homey

Even though the garage is a semi-outdoor space that’s cold and not the cleanest compared to the rest of the house, generating a homey feeling will inspire tidiness. Putting decorative items or small rugs inside, for example, will make it feel like a space you want to care for, rather than just a space to dump your extra things. This would be the case if you don’t intend to park the car in there.

7: Hide Clutter

Drawers, cabinets and even closets are not only for the interior of your home. You can stock things away in these storage units, organising them by shelves or categorizing by cabinet. This creates a distinguished area for a certain grouping of objects, like for sports stuff, for example. At the same time, it looks much neater and encourages organisation in that space.

Garages can house those extra things that don’t fit in your home, or those which are mainly for outdoors, but they often contain items which are part of your hobbies as well. It’s important, therefore, to ensure they don’t become stressful spaces to be in. Spending just as much effort to organise your garage as the interior rooms of your home, will be well worth it in the long run.

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