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Benefits of meditation and why you should give it a try

It’s been known for a long time that meditation holds countless health benefits. It’s not a cure-all or a replacement for professional treatment, however, it is known to help with many aspects of daily life. Many studies have shown that just 10 minutes of meditation a day is enough to start seeing benefits.

Top 5 Benefits of Meditation

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

Reduces anxiety and relieves stress

The art of meditation is a mental learning exercise designed to teach us how to focus, relax and reel in our thoughts. It can help to bring awareness to your attention which in the long term will be able to assist in many daily activities such as problem-solving. Through learning how to control your thoughts and better handle your daily tasks, over time, the practice of meditation has been proven to help with anxiety and reduce stress levels.

Better focus and concentration

The power of meditation can reprogram the way our brain works. This frequent practise has been proven to increase blood flow to the brain. Through mindfulness, you are becoming more aware of what enters and leaves your consciousness. You are allowing thoughts and feelings to freely enter your mind without any harsh judgment or negativity. Being more aware of what happens in your mind, can help you better focus on your daily tasks and jobs.

Improves memory

As mentioned above, regular meditation can sharpen your mind. It has been proven that frequent mindfulness can thicken the cerebral cortex which is the area of your brain mainly in charge of your memories, concentration and consciousness. Frequent meditation leads to accelerated blood flow to the brain which in turn will make stronger connections in the cerebral cortex leading to an improvement of brain function.

Boosts productivity

There are probably countless times where you have sat down to start a project or get some productive work done and you and you end up hardly getting anything done due to countless distractions. An easy way to make your workspace a distraction-free environment is by turning off TV’s, finding a quiet area away from other people and turning your phone notifications off.  These distractions are quite easy to manage but it’s a little more difficult to turn off your brain. Just 10minutes of meditation a day has been shown to calm down and declutter your mind, increase focus and in turn, boost your productivity.

How do I get started?

If you are new to meditation, you will probably find it difficult to suddenly start this practice every day.

You will find many online tutorials that use relaxing music or guided meditation to help you get started.

Start small. Incorporating 10 minutes of meditation before bedtime or first thing in the morning will be a great way to start seeing the benefits. Over time, taking just 10minutes for yourself will be the most enjoyable part of your day.

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