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The scariest time of year is around the corner, and with the uncertainty of these current COVID-19 restrictions, it’s unknown what will and will not be allowed this Halloween. 

If you love celebrating the spooky event or you want to host a small party, then you’ll need some hair-raising decorations to add to your home. 

Make sure your house has the maximum scream factor with these great ideas.


Arachnophobia, also known as a fear of spiders, is one of the most popular phobias worldwide, so using spiders as a decoration idea will make some peoples blood curdle!


  • Take a black or white bin bag and cut out a web shape using scissors. You can also do this easily with folded paper.
  • Using string, create spider webs and add them to outdoor walls and other furniture items such as fences or benches.
  • For wispy webs, take some cotton wall and pull it apart, then use some hair spray to keep it in place. 


Graveyards are often featured in horror movies as they can have an eerie or ominous feel to them.


  • Pizza boxes work great for making gravestones. Cut a few up and stick them together, then paint them how you like. Don’t forget to add the names and dates. If you are hosting a party this year, then you could add the names of your guests! 
  • Fill some rubber gloves with four and water, then paint them to look like hands. Place them sticking out of their graves.


Whether you believe in them or not, there is no denying that ghosts and ghouls are creepy! They are also straightforward to put together, which makes them a perfect decoration idea for your home. All you will need are a few old sheets, and you’re good to go!


  • Take a few brooms, rakes, wood or sticks and place bed sheets or large clothing items over them to create the typical ghost shape. Use balloons or extra sticks to add some more definition. 

Zombie Apocalypse

Whether your budget is large or small, anything Zombie related is guaranteed to bring a terrifying feeling to your home. You can get creative by making body parts, boarding up your home and leaving desperate signs for the living.


  • Board up your windows using cardboard. 
  • Find some old clothes and stuff them to fill them out. Then place them hanging out of windows or doors or even strewn across the lawn. Get extra creative with fake blood and white sticks to look like bones.
  • Make some cardboard cutouts of Zombies climbing the house and hang them from windows.
Funny Halloween pumpkin on wooden background. Traditional Halloween pumpkin and copy space. Halloween symbols and traditions.

Keep it simple

For quick and easy decoration hacks, then these creative, DIY ideas are simple and give off a spooky feel.

Signpost – A simple signpost with directions such as Blood River, Death Mountain or Zombie Valley. 

Freaky gnomes – This one is great if you already have garden gnomes at home. Add some witch hats, cloaks or broomsticks to your little friends. This is a great one also for kids to get creative.

Pumpkins – What is Halloween without pumpkins!? Pop down to the supermarket to choose your desired pumpkins, grab your knife and get carving. Don’t forget to save the innards for some yummy pumpkin treats later!

Bats – Cut out some bat shapes from paper or cardboard and stick them around your doors, gates or windows.

With these creepy decoration ideas, it won’t matter if you are still confined inside this Halloween; you can still enjoy the spooky celebration in the comfort of your own home.

Georgina is a freelance writer and English teacher. She has been writing content for websites for almost 5 years and has been teaching English as a second language to people of all ages for the last 8 years. She is originally from the UK and now resides in Bali with her family. Asides from writing and teaching, she is a keen Skiier and Scuba Diver. Georgina owns a small diving center in Bali, together with her husband.

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