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Storage Tips for Your Kitchen

It’s your kitchen and you’ll cry if you want to. Well, you may want to, if rather than becoming eager to cook and prepare your meals, you become aggravated by sheer disarray, upon entering your kitchen. Here are some ideas to transform your chaotic kitchen into the organised sanctuary place it should be:

Drawers instead of Cabinets


Instead of kneeling on the floor and reaching the whole upper half of your body under the kitchen sink, drawers which slide out will, if nothing else, help your back out! But they also will allow you to better organise your items, with the ability to place them properly, rather than haphazardly.

Hang Pots and Pans

hanging pots

There is nothing worse than the cacophony of a jumbled mess of pots and pans clanging together as you try to uncover the one pan you were searching for to cook your breakfast with. It just does something to the soul, shovelling them around like a madperson. Do yourself and everyone else in the house a favour by placing them on hooks; either on the wall for a nice decorative effect, or on a retractable rack within a cabinet or drawer.

Dream Pantry

tupperwear storage
glass storage

Be sure to remove loose items from their packaging and place them inside designated containers, tupperware, and jars. Crumpled up bags of baking goods, chips, nuts, and others, just look messy, and don’t sit well in their assigned placements. Plus, tupperware will seal out moisture to keep your food fresher and cleaner, as well as detract critters from sniffing out your goods too well. Plus it looks amazing !

Dual Purpose

dual purpose

We don’t suggest using this tactic for all of your kitchen items, as having too many out can create an appearance of clutter. But if you choose select special items to display, you will achieve that homey kitchen feel, while simultaneously making these items highly accessible. For example, a floating shelf placed in an anyway-unused wall space can house your cookbooks to stimulate your inner chef! A shelving unit with open-ended compartments creates a cafe’ chic look, while also providing a place for your favourite kitchen things, like teas and coffees and their accessories. You can even use this tactic with food, for example, by placing fruits inside of ornamental bowls or baskets.

Pull-Out Shelf

Pull out shelf

The pull-out shelf functions like magic. It’s your very own hidden storage place and don’t worry, we’re keeping your secret. A thin vertical unit in between kitchen cabinets, it can store many items while keeping them out of sight. With many separators, you can fit numerous small things within this invisible gem. Plus, you will gain easy access to these items, so you don’t have to walk over to the pantry every five seconds!

The Carousel

image source

There is a build-up in your cabinet; an array of bottles, sauces, spices, medicines, etc. Instead of jostling these around and spending way too much time looking for the tobasco, the carousel moves the items around for you, with just a simple spin. Spin your way into happiness. Get your tobasco quickly. Install a carousel shelf inside your cabinet. This is great for placing it in the fridge as well! Thank us later.

A happier kitchen will make a happier you. There is no better time to implement these tips to achieve that happy home you deserve. Happy Organising!

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